Angle canopy

Designed to stand alone or fit against a wall or building the Angle canopy gives the great option of being able to create an affordable extension to your indoor activity space.

Optional side walls can be added to enclose part of the canopy helping to retain heat, provide visual screens or perhaps remove external distractions. The side walls must be rolled up at the end of use to prevent strong winds from hitting the sides.

The cost for these side walls depends on their size and type - see the chart below.

Manufactured from an Aluminium framework, the round tubular uprights have no sharp edges for children to hurt them selves against. Alternatively you can purchase the padded uprights covers - available in the same colours as the canopy.

Modularity - all the canopies in the range have been design to be modular - that they can be joined to the same type of canopy to provide larger areas of coverage - and therefore are more flexible than traditional structures. Please note that if a joined canopy is required, this should be specified during the ordering process.

Retail price guide for single Angle canopy

DimensionsCostPDF Drawing
2m x 2m angle£ 2660.00
2m x 3m angle£ 2940.00
3m x 3m angle£ 3150.00
4m x 3m angle£ 3360.00
4m x 4m angle£ 3640.00
4m x 2m angle£ 3080.00

All costs are for the canopy only, exclude delivery, installation, vat, side walls and padded column covers.

Retail price guide for side walls

Wall DimensionsSolidWindow
2m£ 210.00£ 320.00
3m£ 250.00£ 350.00
4m£ 270.00£ 470.00

Installation fees will depend on the site conditions and the site location - please see our guide to helping us cost your canopy to establish a cost for your canopy.

See also: Conical canopy and Barrel Vault Arc canopy