What we do

We at Playcanopy.co.uk provide sun and rain protection for children in the form fabric canopies, for use in schools and nurseries and anywhere where children play.

  Angle Conical Barrel Vault Arc  

The canopies

Our range of canopies has been designed with children in mind, offering UV protection from the sun, rain protection for those rainy days and made using bright colours to stimulate the mind. Optional side walls also provide rain protect from the side and visual protection where required.

All our canopies in the range are manufactured form a high quality powder Aluminium frame, with a PVC coated polyester fabric and all the parts are made here in the UK.

Angle Canopy Conical Canopy Barrel Vault Arc Canopy


The canopies are available in a range of sizes and are completely modular, enabling the same types of canopies to be joined together to maximize the coverage they provide and completely suit your space.

Side walls

Optional side walls can be added to enclose part of the canopy helping to retain heat, provide visual screens or perhaps remove external distractions. The side walls must be rolled up at the end of use to prevent strong winds from hitting the sides.

Colour range

The canopies are available in a range of colours: red, yellow, blue, green and white.

How much do the canopies cost?

All our canopies are available at a fixed cost, however the site conditions will effect the cost of the installation. These factors include non level sites, the amount of foundations required to be installed and other obstructions already on site.

For a full guide of what to do next and how to establish the cost of your preferred type of canopy click here.