A guide to helping us cost your canopy

As we like to enable our clients to establish a cost for their canopy as soon as possible we have put the following list together - to allow us to cost your canopy without visiting your site. This list is intended to help you consider your requirement for the canopy, considering the space you have and the canopy type you require. In turn we can then provide an accurate costing that will give you the opportunity to choose which option is best you and your school/nursery.

If you follow this list:

1.Where is your canopy going to go?

Next to a building to add an outdoor teaching space?
In the middle of the playground - to give sunshade at play times?

2. What the floor is made of?

Concrete? Tarmac? If it is concrete then there may be a chance that we can bolt straight down to it. If it is Tarmac, then it is likely that we will have to remove small areas to install concrete foundations to support the canopy legs.

3. Are there any obstructions that may be in the way of the legs of the canopy?

This may be a man hole cover or other play equipment already in place?
If you can sketch the area you are thinking of wanting to cover and add the obstructions and dimensions to it - this will hugely help us be more accurate in our costing to you.

4. How much of the area that you have do you want to cover with a canopy?

Don't forget our canopies are modular - so if you want to cover an area 5m x 2m this would mean that you could combine a 3m x 2m canopy and a 2m x 2m canopy.

5. Which design of canopy do you prefer?

All of the canopies offer the same amount of cover but obviously are very different in appearance. The canopied costs also vary A (name here) being the cheapest, B (name here) is in the middle and C (name here) is the most expensive.

Now you have answered these questions all you need to do is email us with the answers along with anything else you think we should know and we will return an estimate cost to you for your canopy and its installation within 24hrs.